What Clients Say

Ruth Silbert Coaching

The results were amazing

“Ruth! you are truly an angel among us. I’m filled with happiness and gratitude today. Our conversation this week validated me so deeply and gave me a chance to register all the work we have done together and how it has impacted me and given me the confidence I needed to truly dive deep and love who I am. I am continuing to take action to improve my life journey in a good way.”
S.O. Vancouver BC

Ruth Silbert ADHD Coaching for Women

With Ruth I , felt very comfortable

Being diagnosed with ADHD as a mature adult was, both validating and scary. With Ruth I felt very comfortable, like I was chatting with a good friend. Throughout our time together I received many validations about how ADHD affected me personally in my daily life. I went through some very difficult situations with my work and I was thankful that I had Ruth to help me get through it. Anything that I wanted to discuss was deemed important, which made me feel like I mattered and nothing was trivial. I would definitely go back to Ruth if the need arose and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.
L.L. Embrun ON

Ruth Silbert ADHD Coaching for Women

Ruth approaches coaching with a deep level of patience and flexibility

Ruth approaches coaching with a deep level of patience and flexibility, coming from years of building her own knowledge and toolkit that really works for me. While always professional, she brings humour and humanity to her work, which allows her to build positive and lasting relationships. I truly look forward to my coaching sessions with Ruth.
M.C. Ottawa, ON