About ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching With Ruth Silbert
Ruth Silbert ADHD Coaching for Women

I started my business Ruth Silbert Coaching in 2015 because as a certified coach and a woman with ADHD, I understand both the emotional and daily life challenges that you deal with every day. I understand the feelings of shame and frustration that can sometimes overwhelm you and stop you in your tracks. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

ADHD coaching is focused on a positive growth journey, where you will learn about your ADHD and how to work with it to create a meaningful life. You will learn to identify your ADHD challenges, gifts, and personal strengths. You will develop new skills and practise weekly goals with ADHD friendly “small step” actions. Knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-compassion are core values that you will build throughout our time together to provide a healthy foundation for your success.

As your coach, I provide a confidential space where you will never feel judged or discouraged. Coaching is conducted over the phone. There is no travel required; no stress about getting anywhere on time. You only need to choose a place to be coached where you can be relaxed and free to be fully yourself.