I first contacted Ruth shortly after I learned that both my daughter and I have ADHD. My goal was to ensure I had the right tools, not only to support her, but also to become a model for her of what you can achieve – even if your brain works differently. To do this, I knew I needed help to take control of how I organized myself at work and managed things at home.

Ruth approaches coaching with a deep level of patience and flexibility, coming from years of building her own knowledge and toolkit around ADHD. Her questions approach and openness to troubleshooting together, allowed me to build a personalised toolkit that really works for me. While always professional, she brings humour and humanity to her work, which allows her to build positive and lasting relationships. I truly look forward to my coaching sessions with Ruth.

With the tools Ruth and I developed together over the past five years, I feel knowledgeable and confident to advocate for and support my daughter. I also feel pride in the way that I think, and I am able to share this with my daughter (she’s very proud of her brain too). I also have better tools to organize my work and as a manager, I use many of these tools to support my team.
M.C. Ottawa, ON

Ruth Silbert Certified Coach